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The Gospel

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Green is the new Black

It is socially acceptable to be green. Not in the mold of Kermit and that popular 80's television show, "You Can't Do That on Television" (I am still scared of green slime). Environmentalism is in full swing. It is the modern hippie movement. It is the dispensation of the new millennium. Of course there are differing views about what all this means. Al Gore is still claiming that the world is hotter today than it was fifty years ago. While he makes that speech it is snowing outside. Today the weather forecast in western Missouri was low 70's for the high and 50's overnight. IN JULY! I am not seeing the whole Global warming thing.

But this concern has impacted the church too. So much so that there is a Bible called the "Green Bible" which helpfully highlights all the environmental passages for us in green, all while printed on recycled paper, with a few comments from theologians and heretics alike on matters of faith and the environment.

I don't believe in green letter bibles. But to be fair I also don't use a red letter Bible. This is not because I don't like the environment or that I don't love the words of Jesus. I do. But all scripture is God-breathed; they are all Jesus' words. And while I have no hatred for environmentalism, scripture makes it quite clear that the earth is in revolt of its current human rulers and will continue to groan with and against us until this same Jesus returns to claim his people and his land for himself.

If you want to be a good Christian environmentalist, then love the Gospel. If you hate the fact that trees are being torn down for another convenient store, pray for the return of Christ. Are there things we can do in the mean time to be good stewards of the earth...absolutely. Recycle, drive a hybrid, care for pets...

Will a green Bible help in this endeavor? I think it will merely distract us. The point of the Bible is not the ozone...the point is Jesus. His concern is not just carbon foot prints, it is a sin nature that each of us is cursed with. Being earth friendly is more than just loving the is about loving the maker and creator of the earth and the one who will one day inherit all that we see and so much more...King Jesus.

There is a helpful article by someone far wiser than I that I recommend to you here.

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