The Gospel

The Gospel

Friday, March 25, 2011

Convictions of a Pastor - Part 4

Our church is studying through the gospel of Luke and this week one of our pastors spoke on the Good Samaritan. 

There is so much in that story that Jesus tells that is wonderful and convicting at the same time.  Jesus of course, talking to a very "righteous" person who wants to know how to inherit the eternal life. 

Jesus, knowing his heart, says what is in the law.  He doesn't say obey the law, but he asks him a question.  The man, is confident that he has done that but wants to put Jesus in a corner and asks Who is his neighbor. 

Of course then the story....a bat a man who gets the fool beat out of him and a hated man showing him mercy.

Jesus tells a story that puts the hated Samaritan in the place of a good neighbor.  Even the man can see that even though he does not even say who it is - "the one who showed him mercy".  Jesus says go and do like wise.  Showing mercy is being a neighbor.  We should certainly, as Christians, have this kind of heart attitude in us.  The motivation however is not because it gets you to heaven or is a spiritual thing to do.  We do it because Jesus is our Samaritan

The Samaritan in the story looks a lot like Jesus.  Just as the story, a man is beaten and left for dead and deservedly so.  We are like that man - we don't deserve anything.  Jesus, like the Samaritan, sees us, comes to us, gets down of his horse.  He shows mercy on you, even when you don't want it, deserve it or even know it.  He puts you on the saddle, bandages your wounds and restores you to life.  But Jesus takes it one step further.  He gets down in your place - a place of judgment and he gets the fool beat out of him.  What mercy.  What Kindness.Jesus is your neighbor.  He shows you mercy. 

The neighbor is kind, merciful, looks beyond your condition to your need, looks beyond your lineage (child of Satan), looks passed the danger he will face.  Being a good neighbor  is more than being like the Samaritan.  It is really about being like Jesus. 

Are you a neighbor like that?  Now that is convicting.

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