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The Gospel

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Perseverence of the Saints: A Test Case

One of my favorite writers is Dr. Russell Moore. I enjoy his books and his articles are thought provoking and convicting. On his blog, Moore to the Point, he tells the story Jihadist who didn't grow up in a mosque, but in an Alabama Baptist Church. But more importantly he shows us that you and I are not that different from Omar. And perhaps there might just be an Omar in our churches right now.

You can find Dr. Moore's article here:

What Is Worth Celebrating?

Fellow Missouri pastor Micah Fries thought this article about Tim Tebow was a must read. I would agree. I have often wondered why the NOW never found commercials that flaunt women around in bikinis as sexual objects to be found offensive. Maybe they don't really speak for women. Maybe we shouldn't listen.

Family and life...that is something worse celebrating.

Article Here.

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