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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Family Conflict and Christmas

In most holiday films, jokes about the dysfunction of family relationships is common. But for many of us it is not too far removed from the dysfunction in our own extended families. I for one have experienced this kind behavior in my own extended family: uncles and aunts that hide things from others, cousins that simply ignore you, , siblings that fight and do not forgive, grandparents that hold grudges and parents that reject their own children. None of this is biblical and none of it is god-honoring. In fact, I might suggest that this kind of behavior is more reflective of Satan himself (God doesn't give his children stones if they ask for bread).

What is most sad about this description? These family members are believers in Jesus Christ.

What do we do about families in conflict? Dr. Russell Moore has this article that hopefully will encourage some of you this Christmas and maybe see some of this conflict slip into the past with all the wrapping paper and tinsel. Article.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Train Up A Daughter In The Way She Should Go

Raising children is not easy. Raising daughters seems at times almost scary. I have three daughters. My daughters are not as scary as the things that try and oppose everything I do. There are so many forces around our children that are pulling them in different directions. Some times we shoot ourselves in the foot by inviting those negative influences right into our homes and into the hearts and minds of our children. I am amazed at how many Christian parents let their children see things that are so blatantly opposed to the gospel.

The movie, New Moon, is on such series. While you try and raise your daughter or son to fear the Lord, you submarine them by not just allowing them to be influenced by such a thing but paying for the "terrorism" your self.

Here is an interesting article regarding some of the things that our daughters can negatively learn from the Twilight series. Here:

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oh Be Careful Little Eyes What You See?

One of the most popular movies right now is "New Moon". It may surprise you that it is also a popular series among Christian teen girls and adult women. Some might think that it is simply entertainment but do the movies and books teach and portray things that are not only dangerous to our spiritual life but also contrary to the gospel. Most of us wouldn't invite a false teacher into our homes to influence our families but we are very willing to allow movies to teach and preach a message that is against what we believe about humans, God, Jesus and salvation.

Attached is a recent Touchstone article about this very film. I would encourage you, if you are a Christian, whether you are a teenage girl, a single woman in college or a parent to consider what the author has to say and ask whether or not Christians should find entertainment in such a film.

Article Here

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