The Gospel

The Gospel

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Humility and Grace

Thank you Lord for examples of Godly humility and grace.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Full of Hot Air?

Michael Jordan is known as perhaps the greatest basketball player ever. Watching him growing up there was never a time that Jordan looked foolish on the court. Even his ill-conceived return to the Wizards didn't look embarrassing. He still had it going on the court.

However, this past weekend during his hall induction speech, I was embarrassed for M.J.
He began with tears and a brief but poignant recognition of Scottie Pippen. He briefly introduces us to his brothers and sisters. But as I sat for the rest of it I cringed. M.J. probably isn't the greatest public speaker, but he also sounded more full of himself than I even imagined as he takes shots at everyone who ever doubted him.

Leroy Smith - most of us don't know him but Jordan figured out a way to insult him and his coach. I was mortified for Leroy.
Buzz Peterson - former player of the year in Asheville, NC. He wasn't better than "me" Jordan said. He stuck it to him.
Coach Smith - didn't play him as a freshman. Coach was wrong - He stuck to Smith
Jerry Krause - didn't invite him to the ceremony...stuck it to him.
His Kids - you have a huge shadow to live in..."I wouldn't want to be you"...
Pat Riley, Byron Russell, Media, Naysayers - stuck it to them.

Did we know that Jordan was great. Absolutely. It probably isn't debatable. What did we learn about Jordan that night...He wants glory. His own glory.

The sad thing is that his glory will fade. His trophies and legacy will be forgotten. Glory and fame is a great aspiration IF our pursuit of glory is found in the glory of Jesus Christ. I pray that M.J. will discover that joy. He has a relationship with basketball. He (and we) need a relationship with Jesus.

Rather than having M.J. talk the other night, why couldn't he just play one more game for old times sake.

If you want to hear an inspiring speech by an athlete, check out this one by Art Monk (video and text).

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