The Gospel

The Gospel

Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Christian Can't Serve the God of Money

I have always respected Albert Pujols as an athlete and as a Christian.  However, this story is very troubling.  Apparently Pujols won't resign with the Cardinals unless they pay him nearly 30 million dollars a year.

As a baseball fan, I would love for Pujols to leave St. Louis and take his "machine" like numbers to another team (like my Braves for instance).  But I am allarmed by what appears to be an amazing demand for that kind of money from a man who is a follower of Christ.  Yes, wealth is a gift of God and can be used mightiliy for Him.  But what does such a demand say about Pujol himself.  Does he need that kind of money?  Is it pride?  Is it greed? 

Could Pujols do much for the Kingdom of God with 300 Million dollars. Sure.  Especially if he gave, as David Platt suggests, all be $50,000 away to the church and to mission around the world.  However, imagine the kind of impact he could have on the world by taking far less in the name of Christ. Saying to the world, my riches are not of this world, my riches are in heaven with Christ. Now that would be a message.  

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